15 July 1982

Thur Jul XV

Grant came to tea. Had Pizza, B. Potatoe’s, A. Pie + Cake. Karen had Raewyn round too. Taught Grant to play Subbuteo and won 4-0. I even missed a penalty! at last got to see the final of ‘The Worm That Turned’.

That was a pretty typical meal when we had visitors to our house. If I could have a week of last meals it would definitely be one of them, especially if there was cheese and coleslaw to go with the main course and ice cream to go with the dessert (which I suspect there probably were here).

Raewyn Walker was one of the first girls that Karen met when we moved to Seaview Terrace. She lived somewhere between our house and the railway line, as I remember it. The two of them often did things together  and I recall that she was one of the three friends that Karen invited around for her birthday in May.

The Subbuteo entry might look like I was being a little uncharitable to a friend who had never played the game, but the problem was that the only opponent I ever had out there was Dad and he was just far too good at the game (as he should be, having played it for two decades longer!). Beating friends was the only time I ever got a chance to win.

I was – and still am – a huge ‘Two Ronnies’ fan. I particularly loved the serials which some of their series contained, such as ‘Charley Farley and Piggy Malone’ and ‘The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town’. ‘The Worm That Turned’ (about a world officially dominated by women) was the latest of these, but leaving the UK meant that I had missed the end of it. Six months later and I was able to finally find out what happened.


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