16 June 1982

Wed Jun XVI

First coaching session with KEITH NELSON. Not too strenuous. When I pick up my rucksack my glasses are broken. Late start because of NZ – Scotland.

This was the first time that New Zealand had reached the World Cup finals and this was their first match of the competition. Not to allow us to begin school late would probably have been deemed unpatriotic, such was the interest in the game. They were 3-0 down at half time, scored twice soon after and eventually lost 5-2. Everyone except someone who had been watching Scotland regularly (i.e. me) thought that it was a very good result.

Keith Nelson was a New Zealand footballer who didn’t make the trip to Spain for the World Cup. Getting him to coach us was a big coup for the school, as he was actually New Zealand’s Player of the Year in 1982. He spent a lot of his time teaching us how to control and pass the ball better and I learned a lot from him.

I recall the horror of going into my bag and finding my glasses broken. I’ve never worn glasses to play any sport (other than sunglasses) and at that age and in that era contact lenses certainly weren’t an option at the age of 14. I knew that I didn’t have a spare pair and that although I could still wear them, the cracked lens was going to have to be replaced at some point. Plus it was entirely my fault for leaving them in my bag on the ground where everyone would be walking around in studded boots.


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