14 June 2012

Mon Jun XIV

Nothing Dramatic. Got up at 5am to watch start of World Cup. Saw Belgium beat Argentina 1-0. Hooray, at least the Argentinians have lost something.

That’s pretty much the closest you’ll get to any kind of politcal comment in this diary. It is also only the second reference to the Falklands War, which by now had been going on for two months – and even then it is a very oblique one.

I didn’t really have much of a political conscience at this time. It was pretty much limited to “Labour good, Tories bad, Thatcher definitely insane” and that largely gleaned from my parents and particularly from Nana.

So far as the Falklands were concerned, the conflict isn’t mentioned much in the diary largely because it didn’t really have that much impact on my life at the time. Being in another country meant that it wasn’t the dominating force in the media that it apparently was in England (at least not so far as I remember) and when I read a newspaper I still tended to speed read the front few pages before getting to the business news and then flipping over to start reading forward from the sports pages. In fact, that’s pretty much how I read newspapers nowadays, too.

The World Cup was something I had quietly been looking forward to for some time. Gran and Grandad had sent over, no doubt at great expense, a Ladybird Books guide to the tournament and even though I was watching at the ‘wrong’ time of the day I was determined to see as much as I could of the competition. Seeing Argentina beat just made it all the better.


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2 Responses to 14 June 2012

  1. AT says:

    I still have that very same green Ladybird world cup book (and many others in the series). I was distraught when, by now well into adulthood, Ladybird stopped printing these world cup guides. Much better than any newspaper or magazine pull out.

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