10 June 1982

Thur Jun X

Soccer Practice – Beat U14’s 3-0. Tuesday practices have been good, it got to the stage where all everyone turned up for on Thursday was the game.

There aren’t many entries in the diary which puzzle me, but this one does. It clearly is hinting at a change in our soccer practices, which did happen, but we carried on with the Thursday practices.

What happened was that the school secured us the services of a professional coach, but that meant we had to change our practice days to Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesdays were our team practices, a chance to work on new skills and correct things that went wrong in the previous game. Thursdays were more fun and always ended with a game against the Under 14 side, which we always won. To accommodate the more formal training we moved the Tuesday sessions to Thursday, meaning that we had two ‘serious’ sessions a week.

None of which is what this diary entry hints at. I think I must have been confused. I often was when plans got changed, especially if it disrupted my usual routine. The situation was probably exacerbated by the fact that, like a lot of teenagers, I wasn’t a great listener. Fortunately I would still manage to end up in the right place eventually.


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