4 June 1982

Fri Jun IV

Old Boys view school Pd. V. in prelude to Diamond Jubilee.

Pours with rain. Camp start delayed to 10am Tomorrow. Meeting at Chapel, then to Sheelaghs to watch ‘Zardoz;, which wasn’t a very good storyline, but worth watching for visual effects.

I have no idea what the diamond jubilee referred to was, though as the old boys were hanging about I presume it was the school’s 60th year. Which makes it slightly ironic that I’m having to post this on the weekend of an entirely different diamond jubilee.

I vividly recall all of us sitting in Sheelagh’s large, open, living room watching this film, which seemed to involve Sean Connery, a world full of women and a giant floating head. It was the latter point which particularly impressed me although I recall spectacularly little of the rest of the film. I’d be keen to see it again, but my fear is that if I thought it was rubbish at the age of fourteen it probably will not have improved with time. And the memory of watching that film is one of the strongest of my time in New Zealand, so I don’t want to spoil it.


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