19 May 1982

Wed May XIX

Went to the Thermal areas an Rotorua – what a long drive. They are really great. Got some honey from the honey centre.

There really is nowhere like Rotorua, at least in my experience. Geysers, bubbling mud, landscape streaked with sulphur and of course a less than delicate aroma of that gas. To a teenage boy that sort of thing is a golden experience and I embraced every moment of it.

I was starting to develop a love of honey. I remember it as one of Mum’s treats from childhood, one of the things that she would eat and we children would occasionally have. The person I really remember eating it, though, is Grandad, who would eat it on thick slices of buttered bread. I prefer mine on toast and, intriguingly, eating local honey really does seem to have improved my hay fever.

I’m pretty sure that Rotorua isn’t that long a drive from Taupo and I can only imagine that I was still a bit tired and grumpy from the half day coach ride the day before when I wrote this.


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