12 May 1982

Wed May XII

Took Karen to R.T.S. and when I fetched her back I got invited to join in a game of HIT THE DECK with them. Decided to join the youth group and am going Swimming with them on sat.

I have previously mentioned Karen’s membership of Rossgrove Team Scene and how disparaging I would be about them. I can’t help thinking that this was all something which had been set up. It was clearly the first time that I had been into the building itself to collect Karen and may even have been the first time that I had collected her at all. I suspect that someone somewhere thought that I ought to get out of the house more and meet more people during my time in Auckland.

That said, I resisted pretty hard at the time. I didn’t want to join in with a game with people I didn’t know and I suspect that after all of my comments about ‘Rossgrove Weirdos’ I knew that I was going to look pretty silly when they turned out to be normal people that I liked. I remember that Sheelagh, one of the leaders, had to talk me into it and then she and Karen persuaded me to at least try going swimming with them.

So why do I think this was a set up? Well, where was the usual parental roasting for coming home late?

Oh, and if you are wondering how to play ‘hit the deck’ then I have no idea at all. It wasn’t a card game, it was some kind of ball game, but I know no more than that now.


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One Response to 12 May 1982

  1. Karen says:

    I don’t remember exactly what Hit the Deck was but I do remember those ball games were always loud and usually involved hitting someone or something with the ball. There was at least one occasion when we broke one of the lights in the hall playing one of those games.

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