10 May 1982

Mon May X

Went to St L’s. Arranged a Treasure hunt for Karens Guides ‘do‘ tomorrow.

Treasure hunts seem to be one of those things that have gone completely out of fashion, but for a time they seemed to be a staple of every party. Adults would even organise them in cars, the object being to either spot things or pick up items along the way.

For children, of course, they took place on foot. The idea was still the same, though. You had to correctly solve the clues, and also collect things such as a feather, or a certain leaf,  as you did so.

I am pretty sure that it was Dad and I who compiled the treasure hunt, although he gets no credit from me. I don’t remember why the house was being filled with girl guides, although I suspect that it was in aid of some badge or another (is there a ‘confusing clue’ badge?), or who had the task of copying all of the clues onto sheets of A4. Judging from my handwriting throughout the diary I sincerely hope that it was Mum or Dad, anything else would have been very unkind.


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