9 May 1982

Sun May IX

Karen returned. The Thermostat on the water heater went, and the electrician had to come. Lisa and Kevin being right h o r r o r s.

Note the very deliberate spacing of the final word. I don’t know why I did it, other than to try and emphasise just how awful I thought my siblings were. I really ought to have recorded some detail of what they were up to!

I do remember the thermostat going and being very frustrated by it, even though it was no fault of anyone’s. I think it was the fact that it came so soon after the bathroom light had broken. In those days I almost always had a shower before bed, usually spending a very long time just standing in the warm water but occasionally indulging in a spot of off key singing as well. Not being able to take a shower ruined my routine and attracted my ire.


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