8 May 1982

Sat May VIII

Went caving with the Gaulds. The first cave was a wash-out, but the second was great. You had to crawl through a narrow slit to get into the main chamber and then there were lots of little side chambers to crawl into. Karen went on a canoe trip and the Gaulds came to tea.

Nope, still can’t remember who the Gaulds were!

This was caving in a very minor sort of way, crawling into decent sized caverns that were not that far underground. The two things I remember most are the ‘slit’ referred to above, which was like crawling through a letterbox and which, I omit to mention, disgorged you into the chamber several feet above the ground, meaning that you had to go through backwards and allow yourself to be guided to the ground by those who had gone before. Once I was through I watched with bated breath as a rather large lady wriggled her way through.

The second thing I remember is that we all had to wear a form of head protection. This required some great improvisation. Dad wore a bucket, using the handle as a chinstrap. I, on the other hand, had a square plastic tub with a towel inside it and a string run through holes punched in the side. Others were equally inventive. Somewhere, there are pictures of us all, with Dad looking like a very large leprechaun in his bucket hat and me just looking slightly gormless and embarrassed!


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