4 May 1982

Tue IV May

Social Studies and Maths exams. Both too easy, I mean 3/8 + 2/8 = ? Think I might get crucified when Mum And Dad find out I only got 48% for German

These exams possibly were a bit easy for me, as they were in my two strongest subjects. One of the things which New Zealand left me with, academically, was a strong interest in social science and that in part led to my decision to study Sociology and Social Anthropology at university.

Of course, by the time I got to university I wasn’t actually any good at the subject anyway, never really having advanced beyond the 14 year old level. But then I wasn’t any good at maths by then, either, my ability to understand it swept away by the introduction of things such as differentiation and integers.

Oddly, I didn’t get crucified for my German mark. I think I forewarned them about it, and they pointed out that it was probably due to a lack of proper revision and that I had hopefully learned a valuable lesson from it. It is to their credit that they reacted like this and my discredit that I failed to learn a single thing from the episode.

What probably also helped was that 48% was still a pass mark, albeit by only three percent. Really, this should also have been the first inkling that, in fact, I wasn’t much good at languages. Instead, I continued to flatter myself that I was and went on to study German at O level, with unimpressive consequences.


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One Response to 4 May 1982

  1. Jeanette Proctor says:

    Poor Mr Coulson and his beautiful handwriting … could a teacher ever have had a less motivated or less interested class to drag through exams? After two years of nicking your homework, I got an E for my German O-level, strange that …..

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