3 May 1982

Mon III May

1st Exams – English and German. Finished school at 2:15. Hope I didnt do too badly! Went to Pt. Chev library.

I think this post, when combined with yesterday’s, sums up my approach to academia nicely. I had three days of exams this week, so I was spending my time lazing about instead of revising (at least according to the previous entry).

Admittedly, there wasn’t a lot of revising to do for English, the exam for which mostly involved creative writing. But for German, a subject which I was struggling with both here and at home? Not a mention of a book being opened, or some vocab being learned.

This was pretty much my approach to revision throughout my academic career. I am blessed with a brain which retains facts rather well and have always been content to rely upon that, rather than really working at understanding the way those facts relate to everything around them.

In some respects it is a bit like a photo library in that a lot of my revision consisted of remembering the fact by remembering what the page it was written on looked like. Unfortunately, also like a photo library, that image is meaningless if you don’t give it any context. As a result, I never really worked out how to revise properly and my results always suffered as a consequence.


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