1 May 1982

Sat May I

Played Seddon away and drew 0-0. A VERY wet game ‘cos it rained nearly all day today.

I remember this game well because, in all of the games of football that I played subsequent to this, I never took part in one where neither side scored. I did referee one, but I never played in one.

The match took place in a downpour and the pitch was so sodden that I doubt that we would have played nowadays. As became the pattern I came on as a substitute for the second half and I was drenched before I even set foot on the pitch.

We were expected to beat Seddon easily, but the rain was a great leveller – as was the fact that our goalkeeper, Russell Lake, had fallen ill overnight and we had to use Jamie Davidson, normally an outfield player, in his place. Not that he had much to do, I don’t recall either side coming that close to scoring in what was a truly dire and soggy experience.

In a curious twist of fate, about fifteen years later I refereed a game in Urmston, Manchester where I kept thinking that the surroundings were familiar. It was hours after the match had finished that I registered that, apart from the rain, the setting was very similar, a solitary football pitch next to the high brick wall of a school, with one side playing in sky blue and the other in green.


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