29 April 1982

Thur Apr XXIX

Very Wet Soccer Practice. Still beat the U14’s 3-1 and Shane missed a penalty!

I have no idea why I wrote the first part of this entry as if it were a title. As I have said before, I tend to review my time in Auckland with rather rose tinted spectacles, at least so far as the weather was concerned. In fact, it rained rather more than I remember and at times it seemed as if it would never stop raining.

Not that it was really a deterrent to normal life. Sport still went on, now that we were in to the winter. A little downpour was no excuse for not going out and playing games, even if they were only practice games. Of course, the weekly ritual of beating the Under 14 side had to be observed, no matter what the weather.

The real problem, of course, was that if the weather was bad there wasn’t a lot for any of us to do as we didn’t have the sort of links outside of the home which would allow us to go and visit people and, not being car owners, we couldn’t go to other places either. This must have been pretty hellish for my parents, who must have longed for the summer days when they could at least stick their fractious offspring out in the garden. In fact, now that I think about it, it is a wonder that I like New Zealand so much when I have only really visited it in autumn and winter!


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