26 April 1982

Mon Apr XXVI

Not a lot happened today. Went to Pt Chev library. Union folded.

That didn’t last long, then! I can’t remember what it was that brought about the demise of the Junior Librarians’ Union, but I vividly recall being in the office – the inner sanctum of the library which only we librarians were allowed into – and shouting “That’s it, then, no more union” at David and Brett.

Whether that meant that they were now no longer doing whatever it was that had so offended me that it led to me forming the union in the first place, or whether it was that they had outwitted me, I cannot now remember. As they were older I suspect that it was the latter!

The curious thing about all of this is that, however much I objected to the way that David and Brett ran the library, they were probably far less dictatorial than I was when I became Head Boy at a similar age. In fact, I had very few problems with David at all. He was fair haired and bespectacled and quite easy to get on with. Brett, on the other hand, was a tall, dark haired and slighly freckly child who loved the power of being in charge and wasn’t open to alternative views, let alone outright dissent. Given that I was effectively a mix of the two – David’s looks and Brett’s temperament – it is no surprise that we clashed.


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