23 April 1982


Not a lot happened today. Fell off some steps and hurt my toe.

Over the years I have had so many toe injuries that I can’t actually remember what this one was. I think it was the time that I slipped going down some steps, stubbed my big toe and split the end of it open. I can’t be sure and I still couldn’t begin to tell you where the steps were, though.

One of the hazards of living in a country when going around barefooted or in sandals was considered normal was that you tended to stub your toes a lot. One of the habits I have never got out of after returning from NZ is walking around barefooted, therefore I have had a lot more toe injuries than the average person.

In fact, it is a true example of not learning from your mistakes. I never have liked wearing things like slippers, so bare feet is so much more appealing. Even if it does mean that my toes get mangled, or thorns get stuck into my foot for days or my feet end up covered in hard, splitting, skin. On the other hand, it means never having to stop to put on shoes before running out to, say, bring the washing in when it suddenly starts raining. On the whole, I think I am still ahead.


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