22 April 1982

Thur Apr XXII

Played the U14’s at soccer. Whipped them 4-1. Gr said I played well. Fingers crossed for Saturday. Formed a ‘Junior Librarians Union’ so David + Brett are calling me a ‘pommie stirrer’.

I remember my first piece of union activism quite well. David and Brett (I forget their surnames) were senior boys in their final year at the school and had by some curious twist of fate been appointed as joint head librarians. The school had an actual Librarian, an elderly lady (or so it seemed, I have no idea how old she really was) who I think was known as ‘Mrs C’ to all of us. What I do remember is that we had very little to do with her; she was content to let David and Brett run the library as they saw fit and left them to it.

I can’t remember what it was they had done to attract my ire, but I remember them being vaguely amused and yet irritated by this interloper who was willing to stand up to them. In truth, they needed me more than I needed them because I was one of the few willing to work on the issues and returns desk, whereas if I didn’t work in the library I could always go back to working in the first aid room with Nathan. In the end I think it became a case of the original cause of complaint being forgotten and me continuing doing it because it was annoying them. I was charming like that.


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