19 April 1982

Mon Apr XIX

Not a lot happened today. (Not bad for a Monday). Its strange how I always seem to be counting the days to Aug 2 but dont want to go.

August 2nd was the day that we would leave New Zealand and head for home, via a stopover in Singapore. At the start of the trip, Singapore was the bit that I had been looking forward to the most. Not only would it mean that we were coming back home, but when we were given the choices of stopover options for the flights out and home I chose Singapore when my three siblings all plumped for Disneyland. It was my choice of destination – in retrospect probably a tricky one for the rest of the family – and I began the trip willing the time to pass as swiftly as possible so that I could go there and then get home.

But something happened which surprised me. I was beginning to enjoy being in New Zealand. The people were friendly, the climate and the pace of life suited me and I was even enjoying going to school. In time, I would actively begin to fantasize about staying there, in much the same way as, before we went, I fantasize about barricading myself into the study and living there until the family returned.

In short, it had taken 93 days, but I was finally falling in love with New Zealand. It is one of the schoolboy crushes I have never yet grown out of.


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