18 April 1982


Didn’t do a lot. Played cricket with Kevin. The film of Watership Down was on television. Lisa + Kevin stayed up to watch it. Kevin went to bed half way through! Lisa stayed to the end but didn’t understand it at all, especially the bits with the Black Rabbit of Inle! Must read the book sometime.

First, a confession. I originally spelled ‘Inle’ as ‘Inlay’. In the diary, the error is heavily overwritten, probably after I had read the book.

For once, I did make good upon my suggestion to myself that I did something, and took the book out from the library within a matter of days. That my parents had had the book for as long as I could remember had never spurred me to reading it, and neither had seeing the film on at least one previous occasion. Seeing my little sister struggle to follow it, however, was clearly inspirational.

There’s a little hidden tale in this entry, too. It is the exclamation mark at the point where Kevin goes to bed. It is the classic child’s reaction of ‘you were allowed to stay up late and you still went to bed?!’ Staying up late was a rare treat and not, in my view, to be wasted, even if it meant sitting through a film that you couldn’t really understand.


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