17 April 1982

Sat Apr XVII

Lovely day! Lazed about apart from a trip to Mt. Albert.

Bought a ‘SHOOT’ dated 6th February!

If you were a football-loving boy (or girl) of my generation, then you know how important Shoot was. It was the football magazine, at the time unrivalled in its coverage of the game, at least among teenagers and young adults. Yes, everyone collected Panini stickers, but if you wanted actual articles about the game you went and bought Shoot.

As children, we were allowed one comic or magazine per week in addition to our pocket money. These would be delivered to the house each week along with the morning newspaper for that particular day. Other people speak of a sense of anticipation, awaiting the delivery of The Beano, The Dandy or whatever their chosen read was, but I don’t remember beingthat excited, or indeed particularly remembering that I was due a delivery on a particular day.

That said, though, it was Shoot that was my magazine of choice for a good couple of years, somewhere between The Beano and Smash Hits, I would guess. The problem was, though, that being in New Zealand somewhat starved me of this connection to the game that I loved, so I of course seized upon the chance to read a copy, even if it was two months out of date and (probably) at least twice the price it would have cost at home.


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3 Responses to 17 April 1982

  1. AT says:

    It was awesome, and twice as good as Match.

  2. Richard says:

    I don’t think I ever read Match. I didn’t need to, I had Shoot

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