16 April 1982

Fri Apr XVI

Really cheesed off. Only sub. for Avondale game on Saturday Wednesday and Gr says I may only get the odd game!

Mum bought a new game called Ulcers which takes ages to play, and a 1,000 piece Jigsaw which will take ages to do!

Boy, was I mad at Mr Gray (the ‘Gr’ referred to). At that age I couldn’t see the fundamental problem which he was facing, which was that there were four left sided players in the squad – of which I was one – and only three places on that side of the pitch, as like all school sides in those days we played in the 4-3-3 formation* and any deviation from that was beyond the remit of a school coach (or so it seemed). Naturally, Mr Gray was going to pick the three boys who were going to be there for the whole season, rather than the one who would be off back to England before it was two-thirds done.

I did have reason to be annoyed, though. I had played pretty well in our practice matches and had certainly been an equal of the others. I had also been a more regular attender than others. I think I was justified in feeling that I deserved a starting place.

Ulcers really is a long game to play, but you can tell the sort of mood I was in from the fact that I was so grumpy about something which ended up being one of my favourite board games. In some respects it was a very 1980s game and predicted the boardroom culture of the ‘yuppie‘ era to a T. The idea was to put together a boardroom, much in the way that a Monopoly player builds a property portfolio, without a competitor poaching your staff. In time, I found it great fun to play and I am pleased to say that my parents still have it to this day. From what I can make out the only difference that time has made to it is that some of the salaries now seem rather low!

*Schoolboy team formations – now that’s a tactical area that even Jonathan Wilson hasn’t got around to yet!


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2 Responses to 16 April 1982

  1. Millings says:

    The coach of my school football team was about 80 years old (or, at least, he seemed so at the time), and in 1982 was employing – wait for it – a 2-3-5 formation. The guy who replaced him was forward-thinking, and used a 3-3-4.

    • Richard says:

      In a 2-3-5 formation I would have got a game! Left inside forward was definitely my natural position. I blame my parents for the fact that I was born 20 years too late to be a football star

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