13 April 1982

Tue Apr XIII

Went to the Library at Pt. Chev. and the exchange book shop, where I got a ‘Goodies’ book.

The exchange book shop was pretty much like a second hand book shop. I think there was an expectation that you would take in a book or two of your own for them to sell as well, but I could be wrong about this.

The Goodies’ book was ‘The Goodies File‘. I am pretty sure that either my Uncle Allan had a copy of it, or my grandparents did. The latter option may sound unlikely, but for a time all kinds of odd books seemed to find their way into the toy box at Gran and Grandad’s house. I am pretty sure it was Allan who had it, though, because my memory is of reading it at his house in the afternoons after helping him to deliver milk in the morning.

I don’t think the book made it back to England with us and I suspect the fact that I bought a book which I had read many times before was something of a surprise to my parents. I am sure that, for my part, it was very much a case of conciously wanting something that I had always enjoyed, and at the same time subconciously wanting another thing that would serve to remind me of home. It is a very funny book, though.


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