9 April 1982

Fri Apr IX

‘Good’ friday, but mum in awfull mood.

NZ Hot X Buns more spicy than U.K. Rained all day

Of course Mum was in an awful mood. The prospect of an extended weekend with four excited children isn’t exactly designed to put anyone into a positive frame of mind.

That said, the nascent punning on the word ‘Good’ is reasonably impressive, even if I do say so myself.

My hot cross bun fetish is well known. Nowadays I have to fight myself to make sure I don’t buy them until the week before Easter, otherwise I would be the size of a small bakery before the festival was over. Other people go wild for chocolate at this time of year, but with me it is always the bready stuff. As a rule we have to have at least one pack of every variety I can find and the more cinnamon in them the better.

I know. I’m weird.

If it helps, I have to ration my creme and mini egg consumption, too.

It didn’t help, did it?


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Just your less-than-average married father of one
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