8 April 1982

Thur Apr VIII

Breaking up day. At Soccer beat U14s 5-4 with 3 goals in last minute (N. Greenwood 4, me 1). Went to the library

The end of my first term at school in New Zealand and we celebrate with a comeback win over the boys in the year below us at school. Classy, eh?

I remember the game well. We genuinely were 4-2 down when whichever teacher was running the game announced that there was a minute to go. I promptly scored and then Nick did almost straight from the kick off. That made the game 4-4 and I think we were then allowed to play on until someone scored.

That is not quite what the diary records and I am sure that I genuinely believed that the three goals came in a minute. But ever since I found out that my parents used to adjust my bedroom clock if they wanted me to sleep later I have been sceptical of adult timekeeping and so I put forward this explanation of what I now believe to have actually happened.

I should also point out that for me games against the year below meant that, by and large, I was playing against people who would have been my peers back home. Because of the difference in the school year I had gone from being one of the oldest in my year to one of the youngest and the oldest 2/3 of the year below would have been in my school year in England. Whilst some of the members of my side were almost a full year older (and some more than that, for reasons I shall explain later) than our opponents, for me it wasn’t the mismatch it might seem to have been.


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