7 April 1982

Wed Apr VII

A dull day. L + Ke Awfull

Intriguing. Lisa and Kevin were so bad that, even on a school day, they merited the day’s only entry. How did that happen?

Well, for one thing, they will have put Mum (and probably Dad) in a bad mood. Condemnation of their behaviour didn’t always mean that they had done anything particularly bad to me, it often just meant that I could not get away from the consequences of their actions.

At times, being so close in age helped, because they often played together quite well. However, it also meant that they fought a lot and that if one of them was causing trouble the other would too.

Not, I hasten to add, that they were bad kids. Both were real charmers at that age and everyone seemed to think that they were wonderful. This was a source of great bemusement to me at the time. How could anyone enjoy being with them when they were so annoying?

Of course the answer is that other people saw them as the five and six year old that they were and made allowances for them. I just thought that they should keep out of my way and do as I told them. Karen, at least, was good at doing the first of those things, which is why she so rarely appears in this tale.


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