6 April 1982

Tue Apr VI

Dl had us doing fitness all lesson – the bunny! Nothing much exciting.

This entry won’t make much sense to anyone who wasn’t in my class. It refers, of course, to our PE teacher Mr D’Almeida, about whom you will notice I had nary a good word to say, at least at the time.

Our twice-weekly lessons with him would usually follow the same format – fitness exercises – jumps, squats, sprints etc – for half of the lesson, followed by some sort of game or a run.

On this occasion he greatly offended by omitting the second part. The reason was probably that some of the class were too slow and therefore, in his eyes, needed extra fitness training. This in turn meant that those of us who were fitter had to do it all over again, too.

The use of the word ‘bunny’ is definitely an understatement. Various innocuous words were used as insults, I think to avoid the sort of punishment that might be inflicted upon a boy heard suggesting that a fellow pupil or member of staff was illegitimate, or resembled either a female reproductive part or a form of excretion.

There was no direct correlation between any of the words we used and any of the suggestions above, but ‘bunny’ was definitely a bad one, whilst ‘spoon’ was a lesser insult more akin to calling someone stupid or an idiot. There were others which I have lost in the mists of time, and one which I have no idea how to spell but which sounded like ‘mah-nuss’. On this day, Mr D’Almeida was definitely all of them rolled into one.


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