5 April 1982

Mon Apr V

Hooray – no nets ever again. Foodtown wouldn’t see me, so Gary’s going to try to find me one at Bonanza

I don’t remember having two goes at getting a job at Foodtown. What I do dimly remember is going there, standing around shyly for a while, then coming home and saying that they had refused to see me. As I am sometimes not entirely open about my activities – after all, my parents could read anything that I wrote – I have to go with that vague recollection rather than what I have written down.

Bonanza was, I think, a slightly lower rent supermarket chain – a bit like comparing Asda and Morrisons. I didn’t mind the thought of working there, though (as I have mentioned before) I wasn’t wild about the idea of working at all.

Needless to say nothing came of this either. I suspect that Gary (Furlong) never got around to asking if they had any vacancies for an ugly English teenager who would only be around for a few months anyway.


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