3 April 1982

Sat Apr III

Went to watch the Queen St Mile. Steve Scott won. Cricket Cancelled for the 3rd time. Then went to Parnell and looked around. Went to McD’s at New Lynn as well. Cleaned the fire-gaurd.

The Queen Street Mile was a big event. The road is (or was in those days) the main shopping street in Auckland. The event was a one mile race which attracted some of the top middle distance runners of the time. That one of those runners was a New Zealander, John Walker, helped swell the numbers who attended.

Another important factor is that Queen Street is almost entirely downhill, meaning that the race would be run in a very fast time. I can certainly remember the runners flashing by me, Walker in his all black outfit, Scott in (mostly) white.

As we were on a rare family outing to the centre of town, a trip to Parnell made sense as it is close to the town centre. I remember it as one long street, with cafes and ‘interesting’ shops on one side and offices on the other. It wasn’t the most exciting place in the world, but certainly different to anywhere else we had been shopping on this trip so far.

Given that we managed to pack in these two things and a trip to McDonald’s for lunch we obviously didn’t spend much time in any of the three places. This clearly left me plenty of time to clean the fireguard, which was I believe brass with some kind of embossed picture. I don’t know why I was cleaning it other than to give me something to do.

What I do know is that I was so absorbed by everything happening this day that I completely forgot to mention the small matter of a war breaking out in the South Atlantic overnight.


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