2 April 1982

Fri Apr II

Went to get some football boots. The’re ADIDAS UWE-STAR ones.

We had brought with us as many suitcases as we could manage between the six of us. Pretty much everything we could think of to bring was crammed in there, from everyday clothes to sports kit to board games. We were not travelling light. Despite this, no-one (including me) had expected me to be playing so much sport out in New Zealand. Cricket was probably something of a given, but football? I hadn’t played for the school football team back home. New Zealand is known for rugby football, not association football, and the doctor treating my arm had banned me from playing rugby sine die*. It was therefore quite reasonable of my parents to expect that I would not need my football boots out there.

How wrong they were. Having made the school team, I needed boots – probably the first pair of shop-bought boots I had ever had, now that I come to think about it. Adidas named their boots after famous German players, so I am guessing that Uwe-Star** were named after Uwe Seeler, who played for Germany in the 1966 World Cup Final. Fortunately, the boots did last me a long time, to the extent that I have only had two other pairs in the intervening years.

*This is Latin for ‘without end’, ‘forever’ or, in my case ‘until you become a stroppy 18 year old and begin playing again because you now feel quite entitled to ignore any advice given to you in the past 18 years’

**I don’t remember mine having moulded studs as in this picture, but I could be confusing them with one of the two later pairs


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