31 March 1982

Wed Mar XXXI

Went for a job at foodtown, but the *** manager wouldn’t even see me

Foodtown was the supermarket at the St Luke’s shopping centre. My parents had been nagging and nagging at me to get a job. I was resisting with all of my might. Apart from anything else, I have always been a rather shy person and being a gawky, uncoordinated, bespectacled teenager didn’t help. It took an enormous effort to go into a shop and ask about getting a job. On this occasion, I went in, asked a member of staff and the manager still refused to come and speak to me.

With the wisdom of later years, I should of course have gone in, said I had a complaint, demanded to speak to the manager and then asked about the job. But I just wasn’t clever enough to do that.

For some reason this pretty much put an end to being asked to find a job. The pressure did restart when we got back to England, eased a little when I was taken on for a Sunday paper round but only went away when I began work in McDonald’s a full 12 months after this debacle.


About Richard

Just your less-than-average married father of one
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