27 March 1982


Round the Bays. I actually beat Dad! It was packed. I had to walk for 3 mins before I crossed the start line. Did the run in 67 mins 30 secs. Went to the house of a freind of dads afterwards.

Had fried chicken for tea! Kr went to camp – hooray.

This was what I had been doing all the running for, to train for this, a 10km* run around the coast of Auckland.

Round the Bays was a big event in the calendar and Dad and I had entered it as soon as we heard about it. What we did not expect, though, was the size of the field. Being more accustomed to the thousand or so who took part in our local fun run back in Leamington, to have so many people there that you had to walk for a few minutes before crossing the start line was a genuine shock.

Dad and I tried to stay together, but it was impossible and we agreed to see each other at the finish. I saw a gap in the crowd and ran through it, and that was the last that I saw of him. It did give me a very good view of someone running straight over a parked car, though!

I don’t remember the crowds really easing and the run seemed further than I expected, even though I had run the same distance earlier in the week. I kept expecting to see Dad again, but he didn’t overtake me and finished about thirty seconds behind me.

Remarkably, we did manage to meet one another at the end. I recall getting there, looking around and thinking “This isn’t good, we might not find each other”. Again, we underestimated the number of people who would be about and it was fortunate that Dad was not far behind me and spotted me, even if he did have to shout my name a few times.

Events afterwards were a bit of an anticlimax. The friend’s house was a large one, with a decent sized garden. But the garden was slightly overgrown and damp, Dad went off to talk to his friends, I didn’t know anyone and there were no children of my own age there. I wandered around the garden nursing a soft drink bored out of my mind until it was time to go home. I actually remember that more vividly than the run.

*It looks like they have shortened it since I did it


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