22 March 1982

Mon Mar XXII

Nets, and I wasn’t out once! Went for a short run.

I’ve mentioned before that MAGS was curiously keen on sport, and this apparently extended to holding cricket practice even after the fixtures had finished for that term – and would not restart for another six months!

It is a measure of how sports-daft I was in those days that I would turn up for training three nights a week in two different sports. I suppose you could say that this day’s ‘performance’ evidenced some slight improvement in my technique, but I still maintain that playing in New Zealand left me a lesser player than I had been before, even at schoolboy level.

The run was, I suspect, because it was pointed out to me that I hadn’t been for a run in a while. And that I had a race coming up. I imagine that it wasn’t that long at all, a couple of miles at most, given that I had  already been late home and that the nights would have been drawing in.


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