21 March 1982

Sun Mar XXI

N.S. Had a water fight with Dad. Lisa came home

I commented yesterday upon how warm it was in Auckland at this time of year and here is further proof. Can you imagine having a water fight in England in September?

Lazy, soporific days such as these did make for rather boring diary entries. On the other hand, I was able to enjoy them more than some of my friends. I was a peculiarly bad student in some respects. I was awful at the subjects that I wasn’t interested in, very average at the ones that I was attracted to, but petrified of getting in to trouble so would usually make a point of doing my homework as soon as I got home of an evening. This meant that I would normally have a pretty clear weekend, but that I rushed through everything that I did. Which meant that nothing was ever done to the best of my abilities, and often to the least of them. I’m not sure that I have improved much, although this site isn’t written anything like as far in advance as some people seem to think it is.


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Just your less-than-average married father of one
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