19 March 1982

Fri Mar XIX

Nothing special (hearafter referred to as N.S.)

Mum and Dad went out this evening and Mr Maindonald came and ‘baby sat’. Lisa went away for w-end with Parkes’

With hindsight, there’s something very wonderful about this entry. After two months in New Zealand my parents finally felt able to leave us with someone else and go out together. In England, it was not unusual for one or other of them to be out, even if it was only Mum babysitting for someone else. Two months must have seemed like a long time to them, cooped up with their four wonderful children.

Of course, I was a paragon of good manners and behaviour on this evening. I think that the times when Mr Maindonald babysat may have been the only times that we had a babysitter whose child was in the same school year as me. Imagine the humiliation if I had been caught doing something untoward? I’m amazed that my parents didn’t use that trick more often!

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