18 March 1982

Thur Mar XVIII

Soccer Practice. Drew 1-1 – I scored. Racheal + Christine came to tea. Karen and I went to the library.

Although our football team, the Under 15 side, was managed by Mr Gray, our practice sessions were overseen by Mr Stevenson, who was the ‘other sports master’ and the one that everyone wanted to be taught by as, unlike Mr D’Almeida, he wasn’t a navigationally-challenged psychopath. Instead, he was a gentle soul, a tall, thin, moustachioed man who simply went calmly and enthusiastically about his work.

The star players in the team were the two central defenders, Ken Sutton and Nick Greenwood. I remember that, one day, one of them reported having an achilles tendon problem. Mr Stevenson showed him a stretching exercise which I still use today and which is, therefore, one of the odder mementos that I have of my time in Auckland.

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