16 March 1982

Tue Mar XVI

Went to Eden Park after the test, but Grant hadn’t waited for me

Grant and I had agreed that we would go to Eden Park to watch the end of the match once school had finished. As the school day ended at 3pm we could have had at least two hours of play to watch if we got there fast enough. The problems were that I had to go home first (so that I could tell someone where I was going) and that we had no way of knowing that the game was already over – or at least was by the time I got there. By that time Grant had already gone home. Still, it gave me a walk to and from the ground.

Before anyone thinks that Grant did something wrong, if I remember correctly he had misunderstood the arrangement (or I had). In fact, it was probably quite a sensible thing for him to do, as if for some reason I couldn’t go to the ground – and I would not put it past one of my parents to decide that there were things that I needed to be doing that were in some way more important than watching cricket. It wasn’t a subject we always eye to eye on! – then he could have been waiting a very long time, probably worrying his own family in the process.


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