11 March 1982

Thur Mar XI

Soccer practice. Had a 9-a-side game. My team won 4-2 and I scored twice. When I got home the others had gone to St L’s

That was quick, wasn’t it? No sooner had we chosen what sports we wanted to pursue than we were straight into after-school practices. Sport was taken very seriously at MAGS and if you said you were interested in it, you were thrown into it.

I don’t remember this game at all, but in those days I really did love playing football and clearly had a nose for goal which I probably should have done a lot more to develop. I was never the most naturally gifted of players but if someone is scoring two goals per game that doesn’t matter so much.

What the diary does show is that the same malaise affected me when I was playing cricket as much as it did when I was playing football – the old problem of underperforming when I had to prove my worth to somone else. Take this away from me and I’m fine. My best performances in any sport have come either when I’ve already been in charge, or when I know that no-one is going to supplant me even if I do badly. Sometimes, I’m a psychologist’s wet dream and there are early signs of that on days like today.


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