10 March 1982

Wed Mar X

Nothing much today. Winter Sporst sorted out at MAGS. ‘Jupiter effect’ day

I remember thinking that this was all a bit weird. We had barely been back at school for six weeks, we were still playing cricket and it was, by anyone’s standards, not even autumn yet, but we were being asked to choose which sports we wanted to participate in during the winter.

As I recall, there were four choices – rugby union, rugby league, football, or nothing. ‘Nothing’ was a perfectly acceptable option, because these were the extra-curricular activities, but choosing it didn’t get you out of the couple of hours per week that were scheduled for physical recreation.

The ‘Jupiter Effect’ was the title of a book which predicted that, on this day, the alignment of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter and Saturn with the sun would cause the end of the world (or something close to it). There must have been a lot of talk about it in the media at the time – I certainly hadn’t read the book! – for me to pick up on this.


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