7 March 1982

Sun Mar VII

The others went to Piaha for the day so I spent a nice day just lazing about. Dad’s Birthday tomorrow – and he’s doing a Seminar at 4! Ha Ha! Mum in a god-awfull mood when they came back.

‘Piaha’ doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. My family actually went to Piahia, to the north of Auckland. I have absolutely no idea what they were doing there. Even looking at it now it doesn’t look like a place to go for a day trip, more an extended vacation. Maybe that is why Mum was in a bad mood? I notice that I always mention when she is in one, without any consideration of the potential correlation between that and her having to spend time with her children.

There’s another insight into the psyche of a 14-year-old here, too. Even though I already hated going to school on my birthday, I was still prepared to laugh at Dad for having to work on his. What a charmer I was!



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2 Responses to 7 March 1982

  1. Karen says:

    Not Paihia, which is in Bay of Islands, but Piha – a beach near Auckland if I remember right 😉

  2. Richard says:

    That makes far more sense!

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