28 February 1982


Not a lot happened today. The Others went out in the afternoon. Karen returned from Camp. Lisa + Kevin won $1 ea), so miracles do happen!

It wasn’t that much of a miracle really. I am sure that Lisa and Kevin were not that bad at all, it just seemed like it to an older brother who had forgotten what it was like to be five or six years old. And, of course, a surefire way of making sure that they would be biddable in a similar wager again was to make sure that they won the first time. Effectively, they got hustled by their own parents; unfortunately, I was far too naive to understand this at the time.

At least I got some time to myself here. I note that I have not recorded where anyone else went, or what I did with the time, so I can only assume that it was one of those days where I did very little but lie on my bed and read, probably whilst drinking copious cups of coffee. Which is not much different to how I like spending my days nowadays. I really must buy a winning Lottery ticket so that I can have more of those!


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