27 February 1982


Cricket Cancelled again – Onehunga could not get up a team! Went for a swim p.m. Jigsaw nearly finished after 33 days.

[MUM HAS THEN ADDED] Jigsaw is finished!!!!! Wouldn’t go to bed & Mum wrote it in my diary. Naughty boy.

The jigsaw was one that Mum and Dad bought early in our stay, before we were loaned a television. As I recall it sat on the dining table and we ate our meals by putting a table protector and a cloth over it. Of course, the time that they could devote to it was still limited, perhaps even more so as their children grew older and showed an increasing reluctance to go to bed!

I am not sure what my usual bed time was in these days. I tend to think that it was around 9pm, but it may have been 9.30. Of course, there was a little more leeway on a Friday and Saturday night, when we did not have to get up for school in the morning.

It was, I hope I am correct in recalling, relatively rare for me not to go to bed when told to by my parents. I didn’t mind going to bed too much, as I had a light above the bed that I was allowed to read by for as long as I wanted. Nowadays, reading in bed sends me to sleep within a matter of pages, but back then I could read for hours if I really got into a book.

If, on the other hand, it was a babysitter sending me to bed, I had a litany of tricks up my sleeve to squeeze out an extra few minutes, usually involving making them a drink, or myself a snack, about five minutes before the scheduled time. Eventually Mum and Dad got wise to these and began warning people about them, but I could usually find a dodge that would work. Nowadays, it just seems an awful lot of effort to go to over five minutes!


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