26 February 1982

Fri Feb XXVI

Nice Hot day. Went for a* swim. Karen went to camp with the Rossgrove Wierdos. Played catch with dad.

*The letter ‘a’ is the word ‘final’ with four of the letters carefully redacted

Ah, the Rossgrove Weirdos. You’ll see that there is a bit of a volte face on that one, not the first time in my life or the last that my biggest little sister has forced me to admit that I was wrong about something.

There’s a big temptation, as the oldest sibling, to assume that the younger one(s) know nothing about anything. As I grew older, I learned the folly of this and this was one of the early lessons.

A very small number of streets away from our road was a road named Rossgrove Terrace. It was a fairly unassuming kind of road and the only things I can remember about it are that it had some kind of car repair place and a small chapel, to which was attached a hall.

Ordinarily I would have had little problem with this, but the chapel ran a rather active couple of youth groups. Karen was for some reason encouraged to join the group for younger members, called ‘Team Scene’. I wholeheartedly disapproved of this, because the chapel itself was devoted to a branch of Christianity which I had not heard of before and therefore automatically feared. It shows you how much of a difference all of this made to my life if I tell you that I can’t remember the name at all, but my 14 year old self clearly felt that my sister becoming involved with this somehow heralded the coming of the end of the world.

As a result, I am rather rude about the poor people in the coming weeks. It passes.


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