24 February 1982

Wed Feb XXIV

Poured with rain nearly all day. Finaly ate the Ravioli I bought on Jan XVI. Really quite a dull day. Finished the 39 Steps short edition which was nothing like the film. I’ll take out 1 of the other 3 versions I think.

Aah, tinned ravioli. When we went to the corner shop on the day after we arrived in Auckland we were each allowed to choose something that we would like, a sort of comforting reminder of home. I am pretty sure that the others chose something sensible, such as a bag of sweets. Me, I had to go and choose a tin of pasta. Which I then didn’t get around to eating for over a month.

That’s not to say that I didn’t appreciate it. I did. I still make sure there are a couple of tins of ravioli around the house, even now. It is the ultimate quick lunch in my book, combining ease of cocking with lengthy shelf life. It has been my ‘before game’ meal for years, long before it was realised that pasta before a game was good for you.

Before anyone recoils too far in horror, the tinned stuff is not, of course, a patch on fresh pasta and I’ll take that as my last meal any day. Especially lasagna. I love lasagna to a degree that makes Garfield look like he is only slightly interested in it.


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One Response to 24 February 1982

  1. AT says:

    Mmm…tinned Heinz ravioli. Terrible guilty pleasure. I love it.

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