22 February 1982

Mon Feb XXII

Nets almost rained off. Batted like a loony. Only bowled 3 times today!

Did Mrs P’s collection. One of the houses was Mr Douglas’!

Kz H/W took 1 hr to find II clippings

I remember doing two or three collections for Mrs Parkes. She seemed to have a stream of causes that she was raising money for (although at that age doing anything for more than one charity marked you down as some kind of mung-bean-knitting zealot in my eyes) and it was impossible not to get roped in to helping at some point. In fact, I can’t even recall whether I volunteered or was volunteered for this particular collection. I was certainly never averse to the idea of getting out and walking or cycling around town as a child, but the thought of knocking on doors asking people for money fills me with horror now, let alone then.

Of course, you never forget finding out where one of your teachers lives. I was still at the age where I was surprised to realise that teachers had a life outside of school and lived in houses like the rest of us. Poor old Mr Douglas, meanwhile, probably felt horribly pressurised into donating to whatever charity it was, having just discovered one of his more unusual pupils on his doorstep.


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