21 February 1982

Sun Feb XXI

Mum and Dad took us to a PiPPS do at the Domain. Kite flying – Jacksons kite a dead loss! Went for a run after tea Home – Carrington Road – Mt A – Top Mt A – Mt A – Lloyd Ave – Kitenui Ave – Willis St – Albertian Ave – Taylors Rd – St L Rd – Park – Wairere Ave – Rosgrove Terr – Martin Ave – Moneghan Ave – Grant St – Home! Time 51:21.7. Had a shower

‘PiPPS’ was a rubbish acronym. It stood for ‘People in Parks, Places and Squares’ and was I think in some way directed to simply getting people to go outdoors. I remember the frustration of being unable to get the kite to fly, despite the fact that people all around us were flying theirs without apparently having any problem at all.

I have to say that I have never really seen the attraction of kite flying anyway. Dad had a stunt kite – a kite with two strings to control it – which we would periodically take into the playing field behind our house and attempt to fly. We never got it to stay in the air for long and it always seemed to take a large number of attempted launches before it would soar at all. Then, after all of that effort, it would crash back to earth pretty swiftly.

A few years ago I was in Beijing, and on a Sunday there were people flying kites all over the city, despite the lack of any discernable breeze and the huge pollution levels. It is clearly another one of those skills which I completely lack.

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