16 February 1982

Tues Feb XVI

1st Day of Match. 5b 29-5 (Davidson 15no) 3a2 yet to bat. I did not bat. Went swimming

When I think back on this particular entry I wonder about a lot of things. For example, the score. Schoolboy cricket matches tended to be dour affairs, with not many runs being scored for each wicket, but wickets being easy to come by. I once played in a game where we won by four runs despite being bowled out for 32. Which leads me to wonder whether this low score and the fact that the game was nowhere near finished means that, for some reason, we began playing later in the day than we normally would have done. After all, we sometimes had hours to kill after school.

Then I begin wondering about Jamie Davidson, who clearly had a good game here. He was a tallish lad and I spent a lot of time in the same teams as him, but I can remember almost nothing about him. Strangely, I do recall that he batted in this game wearing a pink box. (The school kit bag contained one or two for communal use, there was none of the fuss about everyone having their own that there is today.) I am sure that Jamie would not want my lasting memory of him to be a flesh covered abdominal protector, but that is how it is.


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2 Responses to 16 February 1982

  1. AT says:

    I once captained a school U12 side to a 3 run victory. Not interesting to read until you hear that we batted first and made 12 all out (I opened and carried my bat for 8* thanks to two lucky snicks through the slips for 4). You’ve got to love schoolboy cricket.

    • Richard says:

      In the same year as the victory mentioned above (in which I scored 4 of our 32 runs and took 5 wickets for 3 runs) we also bowled out a side for 9. We won by 9 wickets. I opened the batting and scored 1 not out. The batsman who was out scored 4. The other five runs were no balls.

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