15 February 1982

Mon Feb VX

Nets again (see friday). Did Badly ‘First Test’ match tomorrow (as Grant Stubbings calls them) after School. Swimming only ‘cos got out early because of a staff meeting. Ran to the top of Mt Albert and back in 26:23.0.

The ‘Test Match’ concept came about because my year, unusually, had two teams. It is true to say that there was a fair degree of schoolboy talent in the school at that time and Mr Bean recognised it. We therefore had the second team, or 5b, who played at the correct level for our age. And then there was the first team, or 3A2, who played a year or two above our age group. Even more extraordinarily, that side was captained by Robbie Jessop, who was in the year below us.

None of these talented youngsters made it as cricketers, but Jessop was already an age group orienteering champion – which makes it all the more remarkable that he doesn’t get a mention any time that I mention either that sport or cricket within the diary!


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