6 February 1982

Sat Feb VI

Went shopping. Made some burgers – too much onion and some bolter. Lisa being awful. Rachel + Christine have been an awfull influence on her, she is much worse. Mum and Dad gave Karen + me a Treasure hunt. We got everything!

Trains = 32

I am not sure what ‘bolter’ means. It could be ‘salt’, or ‘butter’. I don’t remember making hamburgers and I am pretty sure I have never tried to make them from scratch since.

The ‘treasure hunt’ was a walk around the local area, following clues as to where to go and spotting landmarks along the way that were referred to cryptically on the sheet we were given. We may also have had to find certain items as we went, such as a lollipop stick. Again, I suspect my parents of trying to get me to leave the house by disguising it as fun – which it was!


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