1 February 1982

Mon Feb I

Went to Mt Albert this morning. Its had the top cut of and so isn’t as good as Mt Eden. Had a water fight with Dad and Others this afternoon, then went for a run – same as yesterday but did it a bit faster (16:31.7). Had a shower after tea. Not looking forward to school tomorrow!

Trains = 26

Mount Albert became a regular place to visit, whereas I don’t remember going back up Mount Eden again during our stay. There really wasn’t much up there, a soccer pitch and not a lot else, but the walk to it and up it was far enough to make it a decent trip out when it was deemed that the children had been cluttering up the house for long enough.

Water fights were a feature of growing up. They usually started with watering the garden and deteriorated. Years later, long after I had left home, we were still having them whenever we were all gathered at home. A tradition I am looking forward to continuing with my own son, of course.


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