28 January 1982


am Babysitting for Parkes’. Matthew woke up. New Zealand play 7 matches in May according to 1ZB. Read Annapurna South Face all day.

Came second in Monopoly this evening. Had a shower.

Trains = 23

The excitement was over the fact that, shortly before we left for New Zealand, the nation’s football team qualified for the 1982 World Cup finals. It was the first time that they had managed to do so (and they wouldn’t do so again until 2010) and I was excited that I might get to see a football match or two.

1ZB was the radio station that we listened to before we discovered the much better Hauraki Sound.

The mention of Annapurna South Face suggests that I went to the library, withdrew six books, but then read a book I had taken with me. It is one of my favourite books of all time, the story of Chris Bonington‘s first successful Himalayan expedition, and was given to me by my Uncle Bob when I was about ten, thus fuelling a lifelong love of books about mountaineering.


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2 Responses to 28 January 1982

  1. Patrick Kidd says:

    Just a quick smile to say that I’m enjoying these posts. Hope it’s been fun going through your memories (although frankly I struggle to remember what I did last week…)

    • Richard says:

      Thank you. Nice to know that they are hitting a spot with people.

      I wouldn’t remember half of this without the diary. I can see now why people keep them.

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